Testing React Components Using Shallow Rendering

Previously we tested React components with Jasmine and jQuery, but what if we want to test without having a DOM available? React's testing tools have you covered with Shallow Rendering. Shallow Rendering will render the object as it would before sending it to be painted on the screen. This makes the final state of a component available for testing.


Testing React Components With Jasmine

Making a React component feels straight forward. Testing a React component should feel just as straight forward. Now that I have built tests for my React code, I can say it is.


Making Your First React Component Raise Events and Update (update to v0.14.x)

My last article described creating a simple React component. This post will walk through adding a click event to that component. The click event will modify the data the component is displaying. React will automatically update the screen without us making any explicit requests based on the change in data.